Authentic Russian Method of Music Teaching
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Maestro Smirnov



Graduated from  Sobinov State Conservatory of Music in Saratov, Russia (MFA in Choir Conducting, Voice Coaching, Composition & Music Theory, Piano Playing), and has forty-plus-years music  teaching experience. Many of his former students from Pskov College of Music (Russia), where Mr. Smirnov worked as a professor for ten years, have become professional musicians and now work as music teachers themselves.

After immigrating to the USA in 1992, Mr. Smirnov has been teaching music privately, and also at different schools and churches in California. Since 1995, Maestro Smirnov has been an MTAC (Music Teachers’ Association of California) member as a piano, voice and composition teacher. His students have regularly participated in Annual Certificate of Merit evaluations, and have regularly been awarded MTAC diplomas for high level of performance.

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“Maestro Gregory Smirnov is truly a world-class instructor. I took lessons with him for almost 10 years, and his knowledge and clarity continues to amaze me to this day. He taught me excellent piano technique, music theory, and composition, and he was always eager to branch out and explore any musical topics I was curious about. With Maestro Smirnov’s guidance and inspiration, I aced the Certificate of Merit Advanced Level Exam and went on to major in music in college."

- Alexei Baboulevitch, Musicologist

“I have worked for several years with Maestro Smirnov. His ability to explain the whole dynamics of sound creation and the way to control it is unmatched. If you're looking for making a significant progress in your vocal technique, Maestro Smirnov will get you there in real time”.

- Roman Gafiteanu, Manager

“Maestro Smirnov is an outstanding musical professional, extremely knowledgeable in musical theory and practice, a composer, a vocal coach and the great teacher. From my personal experience, if you are looking for improving vocal techniques, taking piano lessons or work on composing music, - I would highly recommend you work with Maestro Gregory Smirnov.”

 - Vladimir Zagatsky, Singer


“Mr. Smirnov has been an influential teacher in my life; he was the first one to teach music to me in a fashion that was both very systematic and artistic. I only play the piano as a hobby, yet Mr. Smirnov was able to teach me many subtle features of music, such as proper touch, phrasing, and the ways to convey emotions through proper playing of various pieces. He is also a very warm and understanding person. I am very happy to have been his student, and I would recommend him as a teacher to piano students of any level.”

- Stanislaw Banach, High School Student

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